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The application on our intelligent trolleys' touchscreen tablets is easy to use, and include features valuable for both passengers and stakeholders of the aviation industry.

Business Features

Our commercial partners (airports, malls, brands, concessions, advertisers) have access to various features and tools to get the most out of what our intelligent trolleys have to offer:


  • Communication features (promotions, brand advertising, trigger areas...)

  • Data analytics (heatmaps, promotion performances, surveys...)

  • User-friendly administration panel (to set up and manage the ads and data analytics)

Exclusive deals
& call to action

On a unique one-on-one communication channel

Full-page brand advertisements

For targeted eye-catching communication

Data, analytics
& heatmaps

Give valuable insight into user behaviour

User surveys & competitions

To engage with passengers and shoppers

User Features

The features on the intelligent trolley tablets help passengers enjoy the airport facilities and concessions without worrying about missing flight updates or arriving late at the gate :

  • Flight information 

  • Real-time flight updates & notifications

  • Map and wayfinding

  • Information about concessions & facilities

  • Location-based deals & ads

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