The intelligent trolley


Our intelligent trolley solutions offer personalized
wayfinding & promotions 
for next generation

shopping experiences in Airports, Malls
and Hyper- & Super




  • Happier and more loyal customers via convenient access to their own "personal" screen

  • Increase sales and advertising revenue via new high impact advertising channel

  • Actionable data intelligence on customer behavior and context via customer tracking  

  • Fast return on investment

Intelligent Trolley Service

ITS is the new platform for customer interaction, promotional opportunities and customer data  gathering. 
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About us

Company profile
We are Danish based development company and subsidiary of CPHI-Holding, which is a design and innovation company offering extensive services to a wide range of industries. CPHI’s solutions are always based on user needs, and we are experts in concept development, value chain optimization and process improvement.

Our vision

We are determined to solve the challenges, which retailers are facing today:
The increasing demand to address customer needs for personalized services and better shopping experiences caused by the competition from the rising ‘couch commerce’.

Morten Pankoke

Chief Executive Officer



We are located in Rødovre about 20 min from Copenhagen Airport by car. If you are on a mobile device, please click on the icons below to get in touch with us.


+45 31 78 10 10


IntelligentTrack Systems

Højnæsvej 75,

2610 Rødovre, Denmark