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Our intelligent trolleys are a great asset to airports as they increase passenger satisfaction, boost non-aeronautical revenue, and are free of charge.


Our intelligent trolleys boost passenger satisfaction by shaping a seamless and stress-free airport experience. Retail and F&B revenue is increased thanks to promotions with a call-to-action button on the trolley screens.

Data collected from passengers' profile, location, context and shopping behaviour provide airports and concessions with valuable insights that guide facility and service improvements.

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Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Security control


Trolley website pictograms.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
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pick an intelligent trolley

at the nearest trolley station.

They can get help and a demon-

stration from our trolley ambassa-

dors. We service the trolleys, meaning no operating costs or

allocated manpower required

for the airports. The trolleys are

free of charge for both the

passengers and the


Airside trolley station
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can use the interactive

map and wayfinding feature

to easily navigate the airport.

Finding concessions (shops, cafés...)

or facilities (toilets…) is quicker than ever! The Search bar and the POI

(points of interest) information contribute to a pleasant

trolley user experience.

Map & wayfinding
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Udklip Admin panel 01c.jpg
Udklip Admin panel 01c grey.jpg


scan their boarding pass

to see their flight information

displayed on the trolley’s screen

at all times: they now have a digital

assistant with them, and can enjoy

what the airport has to offer.

If they prefer, they can also find their flight information manually,

without scanning their

boarding pass.

Flight information
controle-securite-aeroport-usa-amerique-768x404 b.jpg
controle-securite-aeroport-usa-amerique-768x404 c.jpg

Passengers drop

their luggage and head for the airside Security control. Once done, they are ready to experience a whole new and stress-free airport journey, as our Intelligent Trolley

solution is waiting for them

around the corner...

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Commercial platform b.jpg


product deals and

brand advertisements appear

on the trolley screen to provide pas-sengers with an inspired and stress-

free shopping experience. They are triggered by the trolley user's

profile, behaviour and location, and include a call-to-action button

("Go" or "Show route").

Trolley website pictograms b.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Real-time notifications
Notification - go to gate.jpg
Notification - go to gate B&W.jpg


receive real-time flight

updates on the trolley screen,

and are notified of important events,

for example when they need to go to

the gate. No need to dwell at the gate

or under the static display screens:

there is plenty of time to shop,

dine, and enjoy the airport

with a relaxed mindset.

airplane-boarding-passengers-BEFIRST0122-c4e61c45c7cd470e8145e656f6e41aa6 b.jpg
airplane-boarding-passengers-BEFIRST0122-c4e61c45c7cd470e8145e656f6e41aa6 c.jpg

It's finally time

to board the aircraft!

Passengers leave their trolley

at the gate, as ITS staff will come

and collect it. The trolley screen application automatically logs the passenger out of their user session

after a few minutes of inactivity.

Our staff place the trolley

back into its charging




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  • Trolleys free of charge
  • Personal digital assistant
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flight information always displayed
  • Real-time flight updates & notifications
  • Map and wayfinding
  • Information about concessions
  • Airport facilities easy to find
  • Location-based deals & ads
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Increased sales and advertising revenue

A unique one-on-one communication channel

Boosted passenger experience

Navigating and shopping in the airport made easy

Improved airport facilities & services

Valuable data mining to guide decision making

Fast return on investment

No installation, operating or manpower costs

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  • Trolleys free of charge
  • No handling or manpower costs: we install and service the trolleys
  • Location-based deals & ads
  • Targeted call to action
  • Tracked passenger profile, location & shopping behaviour
  • Heatmapping
  • User surveys
  • Trolleys easy to find with the geolocator
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