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Our intelligent trolleys' screen app offers businesses options to easily manage promotion and advertising campaigns while keeping track of all relevant data analytics. 

A unique one-on-one
media platform

Out-of-Home meets Digital Display

Our intelligent trolleys' interactive tablet is an industry-first one-on-one communication platform between the airports, malls, concessions, brands or advertisers and their visitors/ customers.

For example, an average user session of over 30 minutes in airports is a unique and valuable opportunity to send personalised advertising, promotions or information to the passengers. Moreover, if up to 10% of all passengers use an intelligent trolley, almost ALL passengers see content on the trolley screens during their time in the airport, even those not using a trolley.

Persistent airport-wide coverage & insight

Data collected by the trolleys add clarity and insight to communication campaigns:

  • Campaign reporting updated daily to show delivery by language, destination, airline, class of travel, where in airport and time of delivery by hour, day, week, month

  • Conversion reporting for “GO” button to airport outlets or campaign QR codes; dwell-time reporting by outlet

Why choose
our solution?

  • Compelling business case

  • Boosted passenger satisfaction

  • +30% non-aero revenue

  • Personalised ads

  • Intelligent heat mapping

  • Real-time user surveys

Screen with deal wheel.jpg
Screen with deal wheel b b&w.jpg

On the trolley

screen, the "My deals"

promotion wheel shows

exclusive bargains in retail and

F&B concessions. The shortest

route to a concession can

be displayed on the

airport/mall map.

Triggered deals
Screen with triggered promo.jpg
Screen with triggered promo b b&w.jpg

Pop-up promotions

are displayed when a trolley

user steps into an (invisible)

trigger zone, near the entrance

of a shop, for example. This

is a great way to catch

a shopper's attention

near a salespoint.

Screen with pause ad.jpg
Screen with pause ad b b&w.jpg

When a trolley

tablet has been inactive

for a few minutes, a full-page

ad (static image or video) is

displayed, allowing airports,

malls, concessions or brands

to conduct eye-catching communication campaigns.

Screen coming soon.jpg
Screen coming soon b b&w.jpg


will soon be able to

sponsor our trolleys and

run high-impact branding or promotional campaigns

over a longer period of time.

More information is

on the way.

Screen with animated icon.jpg
Screen with animated icon g b&w.jpg

We offer

creative options to

visually highlight a location

(shop, pop-up salespoint...)

on the airport or mall map

through 3D animations

that will catch trolley

users' attention.

Animated visuals


Promotion performances
Promotions b&w.jpg


can easily keep an

eye on their advertising

and promotional campaign

performances (impressions,

engagement, etc.).

Heatmap b&w.jpg

The heatmap

tracks trolley users'

position. In an airport,

the heatmap data can be

combined with passengers' 

boarding pass information (destination...) and


Searches b&w.jpg


the list of keyword

searches made by trolley

users can help companies

improve their commercial

offer and the way they


Trolley finder.jpg
Trolley finder b&w.jpg

This feature

makes it possible to

(almost) effortlessly find

inactive trolleys across the

airport or mall, to bring

them back to their

charging station.

POI b&w.jpg

Find out which

areas of the airport or

mall the trolley users visit,

when, how often, and which

trigger event/action brought

them there (for example, was

it an ad on the trolley

tablet? Etc.).

Search bar
Trolley finder
Passenger behaviour


Points of interest (POI): information about concessions, such as the opening hours, are easy to update.

Udklip Olso Points of interest 01.JPG

The ad overview is useful to keep an eye on the status of active campaigns and do some quick basic editing.

Udklip Olso Promotions 01.JPG

The editing panel is user-friendly, and allows to quickly create or edit ads: copy, visuals, campaign settings...

Udklip Olso Promotions 02.JPG
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