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We offer unique intelligent trolley solutions for airports and malls. At the core of our concept is a touchscreen tablet that assists passengers by displaying flight information, an airport map, custom promotions, concession information, and more. Data collected by the trolleys provide airports and non-aeronautical businesses with valuable knowledge about customer behaviour.


Click-on solution

Simply add our tablets to your existing trolleys and make them intelligent!

Solution 1 - click_on_tablet.png

The mounting unit (case and touchscreen tablet) come either as a click-on solution for existing trolleys or as an integrated part of the commercial trolleys.

Careful considerations towards design for manufacturing and assembly have been made:

  • Fast wireless charging

  • 24-hour operations on one charge

  • 10-inch-high resolution screen

  • Modular design for easy maintenance

Integrated solution
Solution 2 - integrated_tablet.png

Our lightweight & customizable
trolleys already include their touchscreen tablet.


Passengers using our intelligent trolleys have access to an intuitive interface. All they have to do when grabbing a trolley is to scan their boarding pass, and enjoy the tablet features providing an (almost!) effortless airport experience:

  • Flight information and updates

  • Map and wayfinding

  • Concession information

  • Deals and brand ads

Airports, concessions, brands and advertisers benefit from the trolleys' numerous valuable business features, and have access to their own user-friendly administrator panel from which to manage advertisements and access analytics.

  • Location heatmapping

  • Deal and ad design tools

  • Administration tools

  • Analytics

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