Our solutions

We offer very flexible and customizable intelligent trolley solutions.    

Click-on solutions

For making your existing trolleys & carts intelligent.

Integrated solution

ITS' own lightweight customizable trolley.

ITS shopper interface

The user interface on the intelligent tablet is the direct connection between the mall and the trolley users. It acts as a personal guide throughout the journey in the mall. 


ITS administration panel

ITS Administration entails a Content Management System where the administrators of ITS (e.g. mall operators) from a web-based dashboard are able to:

  • Add and manage Points of Interest on the map of your site

  • Add and manage various promotions and offers from your shops

  • See a live map overview of where all trolleys are located on your site

  • See a list of all trolleys that are in use, need to be charged or serviced


ITS hardware

The mounting unit comes as a click-on solution for existing trolleys or as an integrated part of the commercial intelligent trolley. Careful considerations towards design for manufacturing and assembly  has been made.

Hover above the units below to see more details.

Tablet >

We have developed
a tablet
with all necessary sensors
USB ports

Battery >

Our external battery has enough power to last for 12 hours usage


receiver >

For very accurate positioning

Tablet cover >

Our specially designed cover protects the tablet from damage as well as theft


coil >

For easy wireless tablet

USB port >

For charging of personal

Trolley mounting unit >

Can be changed to fit any existing shopping or hand-luggage trolley

ITS benefits

Technological benefits


Smartphone charger

Wireless charging

User benefits


Relevant offers