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Intelligent trolley station in Nice airport


Our intelligent trolleys boost customer satisfaction and concession sales by providing a seamless and stress-free shopping journey.

Click on tablet

Click-on solution

We offer a click-on solution for existing trolleys. The "click-on" unit (case with touchscreen tablet) is easily mounted on different types of handles.


Therefore, airports are able to continue using their own trolleys while still benefiting from our tablets' features!

Integrated solution

Our integrated solution includes our lightweight customizable trolleys and their touchscreen tablets.

The trolleys are designed and produced in Denmark using recycled materials.


The trolley and its basket can be produced in a variety of colours to adhere to your brand. View some examples of colour combinations on the left.

Charging station

Regardless of the chosen basket design, the trolleys can always be stacked very compactly.  When passengers or shoppers no longer require their trolley, they can leave it anywhere, and our ITS trolley ambassadors will retrieve it to roll it back to the nearest charging station.

The tablet batteries recharge during the night.