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Our first proof of concept took place in San Diego International Airport in September 2021. Positive feedback from stakeholders (airports, concessions…), trolley data collected, and user survey results all confirm that our intelligent trolleys increase passenger satisfaction and non-aeronautical revenue. 

Two shoppers enjoying a break after having used our intelligent trolleys
Data extracted from our intelligent airport and shopping trolleys
Granular Data Analytics
& User Survey Results
Logos of the airports and concessions endorsing our intelligent trolley solution
Partner and Client


Hyderabad Airport (autumn 2023)

On October 4 we launched our trolleys in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, India.

This is our first launch in the Indian market, and we’re very interested to see what passengers, retailers and brands think of our ITS trolleys and the positive impact that come with increased levels of passenger satisfaction.

Munich Airport (autumn 2023)

On October 4 we launched our trolleys in Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport. Based on passenger traffic, Munich Airport is Germany’s second busiest airport and is therefore a great location for our intelligent trolleys. This will be our second launch in Germany and based on the success of Hamburg, it’s clear to see that there is a market for our intelligent trolleys in Garman airports.

Vienna Airport (spring 2023)

We are excited to announce our POC in Austria’s capital, at Vienna Airport. Being a European hub, with passenger numbers quickly returning to pre-pandemic levels, Vienna Airport was looking for effective ways to maintain customer satisfaction levels. The ITS trolley’s interactive map, wayfinding features and real-time flight information, provide their passengers with a pleasant, stress-free travel experience.