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We strive to offer our employees an attractive work environment driven by innovative thinking, passion, diversity, efficiency and teamwork.

When passion drives innovation

Our team is composed of committed and passionate minds who strongly believe in our products and services: we love taking part in rethinking - and improving - trolley users' shopping and travel experience. We work hard on developing unique high-quality solutions that fully satisfy airports and malls.

To maintain this passion, we encourage our employees to express their creativity, open-mindedness and curiosity: we innovate by thinking outside the box, not being afraid of exploring the possibilities offered by our intelligent trolleys, and daring to challenge the status quo.

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Managerial efficiency

We strive at optimising our available resources to get things done and achieve our goals. This is why we keep decision-making processes as flat, simple and efficient as possible. Our employees are welcome to always make suggestions, and are encouraged to take initiatives; everyone assumes responsibility for their projects, and has the freedom to manage their time or organise their tasks the way they see fit.


In our company, 1+1=3. We are convinced that people achieve greater things as a team than as individuals. The collaboration between our different business units and departments is crucial to us: every new project we launch is the result of efforts made by various profiles, minds and skills coming together as one.

We also think that great teamwork thrives on people with an enthusiastic mindset: a positive and happy work atmosphere can only contribute to success. In other words, we try to solve issues with a smile, and to sort out conflicts with cake!

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Healthy and flexible work conditions
  • Ergonomic workstations: standing desks, adjustable chairs, promoting a good posture...

  • Indoor air quality monitors

  • Possibility to work from home up to twice per week

  • (More information coming soon...)

Benefits and perks
  • Paid holidays

  • Health insurance

  • Beneficial lunch scheme

  • Free coffee, tea, sodas, and fruits every day

  • Social and team-building events: Summer and Christmas parties, punctual outings...

  • (More information coming soon...)

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At CPHI we are continuously working on improving our sustainability passport based on a circular economy model integrated in our product life cycle, or on waste sorting at our office. (More information coming soon).

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