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Facade of the CPHi-Holding office building


We strive to offer our employees an attractive work environment driven by innovative thinking, passion, diversity, efficiency and teamwork.

When passion drives innovation

Our team is composed of committed and passionate minds who strongly believe in our products and services.

We work hard to develop high-quality solutions for malls and airports and constantly strive to further improve trolley users’ shopping and travel experience.


To maintain passion in our roles, we give employees the freedom to express their creativity and curiosity. We encourage them to innovate by thinking outside the box and daring to challenge the status quo.

Working on the prototype of our intelligent trolley charging station



We have a strong level of trust at ITS, extending from decision-making to work flexibility. Team members are given the freedom to manage their time and tasks in the way they see fit. The flat hierarchy enables quick decisions, creating crucial efficiencies in a fast-paced start-up environment where resources need to be constantly optimised.


In our company, 1+1=3. We are convinced that people achieve greater things when they work together as a team. Collaboration between our different business units and departments is crucial to us: every new trolley project launch is the result of efforts made by various skilled individuals and minds coming together as one.


We also believe that a positive and happy work environment, combined with a great team culture, nurtures success. We try to solve issues with a smile, and to sort conflicts with cake!

Documents on a desk
Working from home

Benefits and perks

  • Paid holidays

  • Health insurance

  • Beneficial lunch scheme

  • Team breakfast every Wednesday

  • Coffee, tea and fruits available every day

  • Social and team-building events: Friday bars, Summer and Christmas parties, team building outings

  • Flexibility to work from home up to twice a week

  • Ergonomic workstations: adjustable chairs and standing desks

  • Indoor air quality monitors


At CPHI Holding we are continuously improving our sustainability report, based on a circular economy model that we’re currently integrating with our product life cycles. (More information coming soon).

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