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Passengers and shoppers can use an intelligent trolley to benefit from its features: map and wayfinding, flight updates, mall information, exclusive promotions, and more.

A personal digital assistant,
free of charge

For passengers and shoppers, our intelligent trolleys are personal digital assistants (PDA) that guide them within the airport (airside) or the shopping mall. The trolley’s touchscreen tablet displays useful information and provides notifications to make the travel and shopping experience easier, more pleasant, more relaxed. The trolleys are free of charge to both our clients and their customers.

In airports, passengers can locate trolleys at a charging station just after Security Control. They can use the trolley for the remainder of their airport experience, until they reach the gate to board the aircraft.

In shopping malls, shoppers can find our trolleys at different charging stations (usually located near the entrances) and are able to use them everywhere inside the mall vicinity.

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Important airport

or mall information is

displayed on the trolley screen.

For example, passengers can

scan their boarding pass to

see their flight information:

departure time, destination,

gate number…

Map & wayfinding
Map-showroute b.jpg
Map-showroute c.jpg

The interactive map

and wayfinding feature

enables trolley users to

navigate the airport or mall

with ease, locating shops,

restaurants and facilities

faster than ever before!

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Triggered by the trolley

user's behaviour and location, personalised promotions and ads appear on the trolley  screen to

provide an inspired shopping experience.  They include a call-

to-action button showing the

way to the concession.

Info - F&B 2 b.jpg
Info - F&B 2 b B&W.jpg

The trolley screen's

search function allows users

to quickly locate the concessions

or facilities they would like to visit.

With a fingertip's touch, useful

information is displayed about all

POIs (Points of Interest): opening

hours, products and services

on sale, menu, etc.

Notification - go to gate.jpg
Notification - go to gate B&W.jpg

Trolley users

receive real-time updates

and notifications (such as flight

status changes) on their trolley

screen, which provides them

with more time to shop, dine,

and enjoy the airport or mall

in a relaxed mindset. 

Personalised ads
& promos      
Search bar & airport 
Real-time notifications


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