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Our intelligent trolleys are free of use personal digital assistants that improve shopping experience while increasing footfall and sales.


Our intelligent trolleys boost customer satisfaction by shaping a seamless and stress-free shopping experience. Retail and F&B revenue is increased thanks to personalised deals with call to action buttons on the trolley screens.

Data collected from passengers' profile, location, context and shopping behaviour provide shopping malls and their concessions with valuable insights that guide commercial, facility and service improvements.

Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley station


Trolley website pictograms.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Info - F&B 2 c.jpg
Info - F&B 2 c B&W.jpg

The Intelligent

Trolleys are free of use

personal digital assistants that

shoppers can bring everywhere in

the mall to enjoy a more pleasant and relaxed shopping experience.

With the touch of a finger, they can search for and get informed

about the mall's facilities, shops,

places to eat and drink... 

Mall information
13 pcs b.jpg
13 pcs c.jpg

When entering

the shopping mall, shoppers

pick an intelligent trolley at the

nearest trolley station. They can get

help and a demonstration from the

trolley ambassadors. We service the trolleys, meaning no operating costs

or allocated manpower for the malls.

The trolleys are free of charge

for both the customers

and the malls!

Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
Trolley website pictograms mirror.png
IMG_8029 ok e.jpg
IMG_8029 ok e b&w.jpg


can use the interactive

map and wayfinding feature

to easily navigate the mall.

Finding concessions (shops, cafés...)

or facilities (toilets…) is quicker than ever! The Search bar and the "Go to" button under each POI (point of Interest) contribute to a pleasant

trolley user experience.

Map & wayfinding
Commercial platform.jpg
Commercial platform b.jpg


product promotions and

brand advertisements appear

on the trolley screen to provide customers with an inspired and

stress-free shopping experience.

The pop-up deals are triggered by the trolley user's profile, behaviour and

location, and include a call to

action button ("Go" or "Show


Trolley website pictograms b.png
Trolley website pictograms.png
Real-time notifications
IMG_8002 b.jpg
IMG_8002 b b&w.jpg


receive customised

real-time notifications on the

trolley screen, informing them of

special events (activities, competi-tions...) or useful tips to fully enjoy

the mall. As with the personalised

deals and ads, the intelligent trolleys

are a unique one-on-one communi-cation platform between the mall, concessions, brands, adver-

tisers... and their


customer-satisfaction-survey-example-made-with-survey-maker b.jpg
customer-satisfaction-survey-example-made-with-survey-maker b b&w.jpg

Before exiting

the shopping mall,

why not take a few minutes

and respond to a satisfaction

survey on the trolley screen?

Malls, concessions and brands can easily set up personalised surveys

to gather more knowledge about

their customers for commercial,

facility and service




Trolley website pictograms b.png
  • Trolleys free of charge
  • Personal digital assistant
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mall & shop information & real-time notifications
  • Map and wayfinding
  • Mall facilities easy to find
  • Location-based deals & ads
IMG_7992 ok e with screen small a_edited.jpg
Increased sales and advertising revenue

We offer a new efficient advertising channel

Boosted shopper experience

Navigating and shopping in the mall is easier

Improved mall
facilities & services

Valuable data mining to guide decision making

Fast return on investment

No installation, operating or manpower costs

IMG_8029 ok d with screen small.jpg
  • Trolleys free of charge
  • No handling or manpower costs: we install and service the trolleys
  • Location-based deals & ads
  • Targeted call to action
  • Shoppers' behaviour & location tracked
  • Heatmapping
  • User surveys
  • Trolleys easy to find with the geolocator
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