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Our intelligent trolley tablet app offers businesses options to easily manage promotion and advertising campaigns while keeping track of all relevant data analytics. 

Screen with deal wheel.jpg
Screen with deal wheel b b&w.jpg

The "My deals"

promotion wheel shows

exclusive bargains in shops and

F&B concessions that are available

to trolley users. The shortest route

to the selected concession is

easily displayed on the

tablet's airport map.

Triggered deals
Screen with triggered promo.jpg
Screen with triggered promo b b&w.jpg


and brands can set up

pop-up promotions that are

displayed when a trolley user enters

a trigger zone, for example near the entrance of a specific shop. This is a great way to catch a shopper's attention near a


Screen with pause ad.jpg
Screen with pause ad b b&w.jpg

When a

trolley tablet has been

inactive for 2 minutes, a "pause screen" with a full-page advertise-ment is displayed, allowing airports, concessions and brands to do some eye-catching branding that

combines detailed visuals and

informative text.

Screen coming soon.jpg
Screen coming soon b b&w.jpg

Advertisers will soon

be able to sponsor our trolleys

and run some high-impact

branding or promotion campaigns

over a longer period of time.

More information on the way.

Screen with animated icon.jpg
Screen with animated icon g b&w.jpg

Advertisers can

visually highlight a location

(shop, pop-up salespoint...) on the airport map during a promotional campaign for example, through 3D animations that will catch the attention of trolley users.



Promotion performances
Promotions b&w.jpg

This view shows

the status of a company's

advertising and promotion

campaigns, and displays

performance data (number of impressions, clicks, etc.).

Heatmap b&w.jpg

The detailed

heatmap tracks

passengers' position across

the airport, providing insights into the most/ least crowded areas at any time of the day. It can be combined with passengers'  boarding pass information (destination...) and shopping behaviour.

Searches b&w.jpg

Our clients

can access the list of

keyword searches made by passengers on the trolley screens, using the data to improve their advertising campaigns or their product and service offer.

Trolley finder.jpg
Trolley finder b&w.jpg

Useful for airports and ITS staff,

this feature is a must-have to effortlessly find "lost" trolleys

and put them back into their

charging station.

POI b&w.jpg

Which areas,

facilities and concessions

are the most popular among

trolley users? Which ones get the

most "clicked" on? And how many of these destinations are actually

reached by the trolley users?

The extracted data provides

answers to all those


Search bar
Trolley finder
Passenger behaviour



Points of interest (POI): information about concessions, such as opening hours, or airport and mall facilities, are easily edited to always stay up to date.

Udklip Olso Points of interest 01.JPG

The promotion overview is useful to keep an eye on the status of active campaigns and do some quick basic editing.

Udklip Olso Promotions 01.JPG

The full promotion editing page is user-friendly, and allows to quickly create or edit ads: copy, visuals, campaign settings...

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