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Data collected by our intelligent trolleys, combined with user survey results, provide stakeholders with valuable knowledge about passenger and shopper behaviour.

Get to know your shoppers

When passengers or shoppers grab an intelligent trolley and launch a user session (for example, by scanning their boarding pass), the trolley starts collecting data linked to the user's profile, position, behaviour (shops visited...), etc.

In addition, user surveys can be set up by airports, malls, concessions, brands or advertisers and are displayed to the trolley users on the touchscreen tablet. 

We offer our clients a user-friendly administration panel where they can access the trolley data analytics and manage their surveys.

By gaining detailed insight into trolley user behavior, airports and malls have a unique opportunity to transform their facilities and services for an optimal passenger and shopper experience.

Trolley Data

The trolleys collect passenger data: profile, position, behaviour

User Surveys

Engaging users one-on-one provides deeper passenger knowledge 

Passenger profiles

The charts shown are based on data extracted from our intelligent trolleys in a North American airport.

Extracted trolley data: age group
Extracted trolley data: Gender
Extracted trolley data: Purpose

Travel purpose


user sessions

per day (>10 min)

35 min

Average user session length


PAX answered a trolley survey


Northern Euro-pean language

Trolley user numbers

The figures shown are based on data extracted in a Northern European airport with circa 30 trolleys in use.



=25% of total user sessions

=15.500 passengers, as approximately 2 PAX on average share a trolley

=percentage of user sessions started in this language

Navigation & Interaction

The figures shown are based on data extracted in a Middle Eastern airport.

Additional data collected included the list of keywords searched for, the number of PAX who activated the route to

a POI and who arrived at destination.


of the PAX used the screen to find their gate


of PAX used the screen to find a commercial POI


Searches were made per 100 user sessions

How do you like using the intelligent trolley?

Passenger Satisfaction
4,82 /5

The data shown was collected through a trolley user survey conducted in a North American airport.

How easy was it to find your way in the airport using the map on the trolley screen?

4,75 /5

How helpful do you find the features on the trolley’s interactive screen?

4,75 /5

Would you take an Intelligent Trolley next time you visit our airport?

Pax satisfaction - Use again San Diego.jpg
Commercial effect

The charts shown are based on data collected through an intelligent trolley user survey conducted in a Western European airport (charts 1 and 2) and in a Middle Eastern airport (chart 3).

Additional data collected include a list of all commercial POIs with the number of PAX having clicked "show route" to each of them and having arrived at destination.

Did you buy anything in the terminal today?

Extracted trolley data: Commercial effect - Buy anything



Did any of the adverts on the trolley screen make you buy anything?

Extracted trolley data: Commercial effect - Adverts made you buy


Which type of services/products did the adverts make you buy?

Extracted trolley data: Commercial effect - Type of products


pop-up banners shown per user session


of users click

on one banner (show route)


"My Deals" banners shown per user session


of users reach a commercial POI after show route

Promotions and brand ads

The figures shown are based on data extracted from trolleys in a Northern European airport.

Additional analytics available include the number of views, clicks and arrivals for each "My Deals" promotion, pop-up banner and pause screen brand advertising.


avg. basket size

of an intelligent trolley user

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