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Looking back on our 2023 projects

Last year we spent a bit of time interviewing some of our fantastic airport partners.

  • Valérie Chuong from Nice Airport, France (Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur)

  • Lutz Deubel from Hamburg Airport, Germany

  • Philipp Ahrens from Vienna Airport, Austria (Flughafen Wien)

  • Vera Jakobsen and Dr. Jan-Henrik Andersson from Munich Airport, Germany


Our intelligent trolleys are a free-to-use service for airside passengers. Upon scanning their boarding pass, travelers will receive real-time flight information, wayfinding features and personalized promotions. The trolleys are proven to boost passenger satisfaction and raise non-aeronautical revenue.


But enough from us, take a look at our video below to hear our airport partners explain the benefits of ITS and why they recommend our intelligent trolleys.


“The digital and dynamic pathfinding is very helpful for our PAX. [The trolleys] make a difference for our passengers and that’s the most important thing for us as an airport operator.” – Lutz


“People take them quickly, they react positively to the trolleys and even those who are not as digital native, they seem to find them very intuitive.” – Vera


“The more information [the passengers] get, the more relaxed they are and the more they are likely to spend. So, at the end of the day, it’s a win-win-win-win situation for everybody.” - Philipp


“Looking at the successes already at other airports, I really envied that progress and that success so far, so it was a must to introduce.” – Jan-Henrik


“The questionnaire shows a very high level of satisfaction. And from a shopping perspective, 1/3 of the users had shopped after seeing an advert on screen.” – Valérie



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